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Dynamite Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 100W AC/DC Charger  Product 45 of 45 in category Chargers

Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board

Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
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Stock status:In Stock
Price $215.00 
Manufacturer BOOMA RC
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Advanced Radio I-Charger2 - Intelligent Micro Charger - 3 Port Model with ECU Board

  • 2 Standard Boards
  • 1 ECU (9.9v) Board

The Advance Radio I-Charge V2 ECU is the world’s smallest intelligent expandable battery charger, capable of charging up to 3 batteries simultaneously and is expandable to 4 batteries with the addition of a 4th charge board.

Based on the success of the original I-Charger, the Team at Advance Radio have managed to capture the ability of a huge quad charger and shrink it down into the smallest, intelligent battery charger on the market.

Capable of charging all current receiver batteries as well as 3S LiFe ECU batteries
I-Charge V2 ECU comes capable of charging all of the latest receiver battery chemistries including 2s li-ion, LiFE, Lipo. The Turbine version also offers the ability to charge self balanced 3S LiFE ECU packs.

I-Charge is so light weight that you can easily mount it into your turbine powered model and with a simple 12v car battery connection you can charge all batteries simultaneously. 

I-Charger is also easily expandable with the addition of a 4th charge board.
Example: We have several turbine models with 2 x receiver batteries, 1 x ECU battery and an auxillary battery (lights and/or electric retracts) for a total of 4 batteries. No problem, with the I-Charge you can easily add a 4th charge board and charge all 4 batteries simultaneously.

If you are running a twin turbine model, simply add a second ECU charge board to accommodate charging dual ECU packs simultaneously.

Modular design:

The I-Charge V2 now comes standard as a 3 stack charger capable of charging up to 3 batteries. The entire I-Charge range can now be independently upgraded to include additional stacks. All 3 in th eI-Charge range The pocket charger, I-Charge V2 and I-Charge V2 Turbine can be upgraded with an additional stack

Intelligent charging algorithm:

The I-Charge V2 is programmed with a 3 phase charge cycle, Pre-Charge, full charge and trickle charge. Pre-charge will begin as soon as the charger starts a charge, the I-Charger will try and charge the pack to a nominal voltage where it will switch over to full charge. Full charge will pump the pack with up to a 2amps, ensuring a fast charge to get you back in the air fast. Once the pack reaches 90% charger, the I-Charger will move to trickle charge mode and will continue to charge the batteries till the pack reaches 100% capacity.

On screen monitoring

Instantly know the health of your packs. The I-Charge V2 is equipped with an on-board full colour LED screen providing feedback on the voltage, mA and charge rate of each pack while charging. You can sit for hours watching your packs and get direct feedback on each pack every step of the way or check every so often and know the I-Charger is doing its thing.

Built with safety in mind.

The I-Charge is built with the utmost safety in mind. With built in on-board thermal protection and charge limiting the I-Charger constantly monitors the temperature of each charger board and will limit charge rate or show a fault if there is an issue. The I-Charge V2 comes equipped with external temperature port for each stack. With the addition of a AR temp probe, you can monitor the heat of your packs during a charge. If the pack raises in temp the I-Charge will show a fault and stop charging. Giving you peace of mind during the entire charge process.

I-Charge features:

  •          Lightweight Micro charger
  •         Capable of 2A per battery
  •         Charges 3 batteries simultaneously
  •         Upgradable: Can be upgraded to a charge 4 batteries at the same time
  •          Intelligent charging algorithm: 3 charge states pre-charge, normal charge, trickle charge.
  •          Live feedback with screen (I-Charge and I-Charger Turbine)
  •          Super lightweight, robust design
  •          LED indicators for charger state and fault.
  •          Build in thermal safety
  •          External Temp probe for LiPo charging.
  •          Capable of 2s Li-ion, life, Lipo and 3S life (Turbine only)



Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge
Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge
Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge
Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge
Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge
Advanced Radio I-Charger2 3 Port with ECU Board
Click to enlarge

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 January, 2018.
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