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Extreme Glare Sunglasses by Zurich

How valuable and how important is it not to frown, squint, fight the sun, protect your eyes from U.V. damage, or to be blinded by the sun? To most people it is extremely important, and is worth a plan of action to eliminate the problem. "Extreme Glare" (XG) Technology can rescue your eyes from the sun's damaging rays, and give you better vision at the same time.
Why tolerate the sun's dangerous rays if you don't have to?

Now, with "XG" Technology, everyone can escape the bad effects of the sun to comfortably enjoy outdoor sports, hobbies, and activities. Wow, what a relief "XG" can be ! All "Extreme Glare" lenses are U.V. "A" and "B" protective.

Which Lens Is Best For You: Gray Or Rose?

Please keep in mind that gray and rose lenses are defined by the way they adjust vision, not by the actual color of the glasses as viewed without being worn.

Gray lenses eliminate nearly all glare. They reduce more sun glare than any other known technology. If sun glare reduction is your primary need, non-polarized Gray XG lenses are the best available option for this purpose.

Rose Lenses enhance colors for better recognition, contrast, depth perception and clarity. XG rose lenses make reds redder, blues bluer, whites whiter and yellow more yellow. They create the most vivid colors for the most accurate definition. Rose colored lenses do not alter or change colors; they intensify colors and also reduce glare. For glare reduction, XG's rose non-polarized lenses enjoy the #2 position in the world when compared to all other lenses.

Please note:

    Your eyes will totally adapt to the rose lens within two to three minutes, after which the rose color is virtually unnoticeable while these lenses are worn.
    Light rose lenses are unmatched for seeing into water to identify fish, buoys, markers, dead heads and underwater formations.
    Gray lenses eliminate reflective glare very effectively, but in comparison to Rose Lenses, they are more difficult to see with when viewing things below the water line, because darkness impedes vision in almost all circumstances.

Please choose the lens color that best suits your needs and preferences!

Zurich Original Series
Zurich Original Series
Zurich Pilot Series
Zurich Pilot Series
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