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UniLight JET-Large Lighting Set

JET- Large Lighting Set V2.

JET-Large lighting set

Professional basic lighting set for sport jets and modells with thing wing geometriy like motor-glider or turbo-prop machines. The set consists of the 4-channel-controller and the most powerful possible lights: two landing lights for the gear legs, read becaon light and extremely strong combined navigation-/strobe lights for the wings.

The set is suitable for models from 1.6-2.5m wingspan and operates directly from 2S LiPo (8V). All luminaires are directly ready for use and only need to be connected to the control module. The work for the modeler is limited to wiring. The set can of course be expanded with the components individually available.



  • controller 4-Channel SCALE (MODUL-4-300)
  • combined navigation-/strobe lights ultrapower DUAL11F-160x2-RTWE for left wing
  • combined navigation-/strobe lights ultrapower DUAL11F-160x2-GNWE for right wing
  • beacon light PRO16F-080x2-RT for fusalage bottom
  • 2x flat gear spotlight SPOT20X-080x2-WE, ultrapower
  • Operating voltage 8V/2S. For more information, please refer to the descriptions of the individual products!
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