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  1. Aviation Design Fouga 1/4 Scale
    Aviation Design Fouga 1/4 Scale

    Aviation Design Fouga 1/4 Scale




    The Fouga Magister has been the French jet trainer for the Air Force and the Navy since 1957. It was built by a small french company Castel Mauboussin.
    More than 900 Fouga have been built and a lot of them are sold worldwide. (Germany, Austria, Brasil, Finland, Ireland, Israel...).
    Until 1981, the Fouga was used by the "Patrouille de France", the french aerobatic team display. All the french Fouga are now retired and a lot of them are now flying by private pilot all over the world.
    The Fouga Magister from AVIATION DESIGN is designed for a single turbine.
    It is a scale kit, built from the original "Castel Mauboussin factory" plans from 1955. All the panel lines and rivets (about 15 000) are engraved in the fuselage and wings.
    It is fully molded in composite, carbon / epoxy and pre-assembled : model is painted in mold, all bulkeads are glued.
    The wings are molded with carbon reinforcement. The aluminium wing spar, the alignment pins are factory installed.
    The 2 stabs (called butterfly stabs) are also molded with carbon reinforcement.
    The 2 canopy hatches are molded in epoxy and the canopy fitting is easy. No important gluing is required.
    Up to 80% of the work is done in our factory.
    It is a very easy to fly model, with an excellent stability.
    Take off is very simple : just throttle up and the Fouga will take off automatically.
    All aerobatics manoevres can be done, the loops are enormous, roll can be done fast or slow. Inverted flight is possible.
    For landing, the air brakes are powerfull and they have no pitch effect, so landing precision is excellent. The Fouga has also very good low speed capability.
    If the turbine stops, no problem : the original Fouga was designed by a glider engineer team. So with enough speed or altitude, you can do a complete circuit and a perfect landing without difficulties.

    Fuel tanks are designed large enough (4 liters) to have a minimum of 10 minutes of flight.

    The Fouga Magister will operate from prepared grass fields or tarmac surfaces.
    Minimum size engine is a single 10 kg (22 lbs) thrust turbine. It will take off from grass in about 200 meters (650 ft) and 150 meters (490 ft) from tarmac.
    Maximum size engine is a single 16 kg (40 lbs) thurst turbine. It will take off in about 50 meters (160 ft) from tarmac and 70 meters (230 ft) from grass.

    The model has plug in wings and stabs. The fuselage can be disassembled in 2 parts for transportation and access to bifurcated pipe.
    The Fouga Magister is designed for an easy assembly and an easy utilisation and maintenance.
    The big hatches give a good access to the radio, batteries, engine equipment, fuel tank, pump and to the bifurcated tailpipe.

    Our landing gear have been designed for stronger field operation.

    • High quality, grey gel-coated epoxy-glass fuselage. The fuselage is in 2 parts for shipping;
    • Front hatch for radio and engine hatch requiring no framework molded in epoxy glass;
    • 2 canopy frames molded in epoxy-glass;
    • 2 epoxy-glass inlet ductings;
    • Fully molded epoxy carbon wings with aluminium spar already glued;
    • Fully molded epoxy carbon stabs;
    • Wing tip tanks;
    • 2 clear formed canopy;
    • Full size CAD plans & instructions in English.


    • SCALE : 1/4
    • WINGSPAN : 3.04 m (120")
    • LENGTH : 2.52 m (99")
    • WEIGHT WITH TURBINE : 17 - 18 kg (37 - 40 lbs)

    Recommended TURBINE :

    • 1 TURBINE 12 Kg (27 lbs) TO 16 Kg (36 lbs)
    • Example: AMT Pegasus, Jet Cat P160

    Accessory listings to follow.  Please refer to Aviation Design Website for Optional accessories.

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