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  1. Boomerang 125oz Fuel Tank
    Boomerang 125oz Fuel Tank

    This fuel tank is made exclusively for Boomerang RC Jets by Sullivan Products.

    It has a capacity of 125oz and is designed to fit all the Boomerang Jets. This tank will also fit the Boomerang RC Jets Turbinator.

    With this tank you have the security of a trusted Sullivan Product that will give you those long flight times we all seek. dimensions are 6' high x 10.5 long x 4.5 wide. It comes with the Sullivan hardware package as shown.

    Note: Item may not show in stock due to Special Order.

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  2. Boomerang Jets Torus Military Navy Scheme
    Boomerang Jets Torus Military Navy Scheme

    Boomerang Torus  Military "Navy" Color Scheme

    The Boomerang Torus is designed for the larger class of turbine engines. It can handle all the way up to a 36lb thrust turbine but will be very comfortable with 26lb turbine as well. The Torus is built with an integral one piece composite center wing and fuselage. The booms are composite construction as well. The outer wings and tail plane are of wood construction and are covered with genuine OraCover film and painted to match. The Torus, with the included tip tanks has a very distinct presence in the sky. Like all Boomerangs, the Torus has a wide flight envelope and exhibits excellent flying qualities in all aspects of flight. From short field grass runways to wide open low passes the Torus is a crowd pleaser!Boomerang Torus ARF - Sport Scheme

    The Torus comes in two color schemes. Navy and Sport. Each Torus also comes with optional wingtip tanks. You can swap between standard wingtips or the tip tanks.

    Wing and Tip Tank lighting not included.


    The TORUS is the latest addition to our fleet and it is living up to expectations and much more! It is a little smaller in span than the XL but has almost the same total wing area so it retains the huge lift ability. Wider chord gives it higher Reynolds numbers which helps too.

    The thicker internal wing design is all new for the TORUS and can stand the weight and thrust of the bigger turbines. Like the ELAN the TORUS has a composite fuselage and centre wing section, composite booms and built up outer wing panels and tailplane.

    It is suitable for turbines such as JetCat P120 or P160 (and yet will fly well on a P80). Torus has the familiar Boomerang low speed ability and sweet handling that you've come to expect, but also has a high speed performance that is on the edge of scary.

    Easy access to all control systems is achieved as in all Boomerang Jets by a full length hatch top of the fuselage. Build time is very short as the entire fuselage and center section comes in one beautiful composite moulding, as do the booms. Part of the stunning performance comes from the remarkably light but incredibly strong wing structure, tested to stand enormous "G" loads during maneuvers.


    • Wingspan: 90 inches (2286mm)
    • Length: 87 inches (2209mm)
    • Weight: 30 to 34 lbs
    • Turbine: 26 to 36lb thrust
    • Landing Gear: Retract ready
    • Servos: 9 x 20kg servos
    • Pro-Link Gear Packages Available

    Interested in buying a Boomerang? Contact us through the website and we will have a Boomerang specialist contact you to answer any questions. Besides just the kits, we can supply everything you will need to get your Boom off the ground. Full packages available at a discount price!

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