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MPX D-Sub Adapter 9 Pole

MPX D-Sub Adaptor, 9pole.

MPX D-Sub Adaptor, 9pole

  •     Adaptor for the popular 6-pin plugs. Many fuselages have a notch for the wing-plug and often it is made for RS 232 jacks. As 6-pin plugs (MPX / EMC) have almost completely replaced RS 232 plugs we offer an adaptor piece which makes your 6-pin plug fit into the notch made for RS232
  •     The adaptor has a inner shape for the 6-pin plug and an outer shape for a D-Sub connector
  •     The adaptors can be used for normal mounting frames for the 6pin plugs as well

Package includes one adaptor for the plug, one for the socket and two spacers for lenghth correction

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