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CARF - EuroSport 3D Universe Red Scheme

Eurosport 3D-Universe (3D-Universe Scheme Red) . CALL TO ORDER.

Eurosport 3D-Universe (3D-Universe Scheme Red)



For this spectacular version of our Eurosport, we opted for a wonderful airbrush painting completely in the mold.

It's an eyecatcher for sure! Exactly like the stunning maneuvers in the air!

General Information:

The Eurosport 3D-Universe was the First-In-The-World fully 3D-capable production sport jet with thrust vector control.

And if we say fully 3D capable then this does not mean that you can squeeze the Eurosport 3D-Universe through a tumble or a spin. It means what it says. It’s a true 3D machine with such a low weight and wing loading that it actually flies light as a feather PLUS being controlled by thrust vector.
But the real feature of the Eurosport 3D-Universe is its light weight air frame. Compare it with the high performance pattern planes. The last few hundred grams saved are the deciding factor for the performance of the plane. But on the down side they are responsible for a huge increase in manufacturing effort and with this an increased price tag.
The tool for the unbelievable 3D manoeuvres is our „Tumble Tube“. A thrust tube, which is controlled by 2 servos in the yaw and pitch axis.

CARF-Models has gone to the limit with the manufacturing techniques of the Eurosport 3D-Universe, and has managed to reduce the weight of the airframe so that a dry weight, ready to fly, of 9 kg is achievable.

  •     all parts are made in vacuum sandwich technology, also the fuselage
  •     all plywood structure is replaced by lightest composite and wood materials available
  •     glass reinforcement has given way to carbon reinforcement
  •     non vital equipment and hardware has been omitted, purely structurally required components have been left in the airframe
  •     an unmistakingly identifying 3D color scheme has been applied

Together with the accessory kit, we have created one of the most complete and easiest sports jets in the world.

And a worthy 3D paintjob makes the Eurosport 3D-Universe immediately regognizable for the spectator and fellow modeller, getting him exited about how this showstopper is going to perform.

3D Tumble Tube:

The vector thrust tube included is a sophisticated and well proven design. Dietmar Kramer (the designer of the Booster Engines) manufactures this thrust tube exclusively for our Eurosport 3D-Universe. It is a hand made, precision welded unit from high grade aluminum and stainless steel. The tumble tube allows deflections of almost 30 degrees, restricting the air flow as little as possible, therefore leaves almost 100% of the engine thrust available. The two servos are mounted in the rear part of the fuselage, push rods are 6mm carbon tubes. There are several options where to place the servos.

Extreme Light Weight:

Sandwich is the key. With a sandwich we can get sufficient wall thickness into the layup, so that the fiberglass itself and the amount of resin used can be drastically reduced. For instance, where the Eurosport Evolution Fuselage has 2, in some areas 3 layers of 200 g/sqm glass cloth in the skin, the Eurosport 3D-Universe has only 2 layers of 48 g/sqm with an ultralight sandwich foam in between. All plywood formers are modified and lightened, also the material was changed to light ply, in some highly stressed areas carbon sheeted. Every sheet of balsa used for ribs and stiffeners is weight first and hand selected for the job. All this, unfortunately, makes the production process much more complicated and time consuming. Approx. twice the time goes in. But for the extremist within us, this is all worth it. You have to see it to believe it.

Included Fuel Cells:

The Eurosport 3D-Universe should not use the fuel cells we have available as a standard accessory for our Eurosport. Also here we had to squeeze any excessive weight out. They are laminated from lightest and finest woven glass, stiffened with carbon strings just where necessary. Weight savings whereever possible is the key. That’s why we included these in the kit.


Don’t “pimp your ride”. The Eurosport 3D-Universe is stripped of everything unnecessary. Don’t look for fully ducted air intakes or a carbon bypass. For a cockpit or plywood equipment trays. All this is omitted, and if you want to have that Eurosport 3D-Universe as powerful as it could be, you better don’t even try to install any options. All you need is included in the kit. From the superlight fuel tanks over the minimalist equipment mounts.


Have a blast hovering, torquing, tumbling, spinning, doing all the maneuvers your friends at the flying field thought were impossible to fly with a jet. But don’t get too confident too quickly. The Eurosport 3D-Universe is built strong enough to withstand every flying load if kept at that minimum weight, but it is not made for bounce landings, unprotected transportation or any other abuse.

The 3D-Universe is a sophisticated, but fragile construction. It needs to be operated with expertise and care. A speed control system (limiter) is strongly recommended. For High-Speed-Performance our Eurosport Evolution is definitely the better choice!



  • Wingspan: 66" (1680 mm)
  • Length: 89" (2250 mm)
  • Weight: 20 Lbs (9.2 kg) dry
  • Engine: 120 - 160 N
  • Servos:  Min. 6 high class digital servos

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