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  1. Demon Cortex PRO 3-Axis Gyro Fixed Wing
    Demon Cortex PRO 3-Axis Gyro Fixed Wing


    • 3-axis stabilization system for fixed wing model aircraft. Extremely smooth flight characteristics - even in strong, gusty wind.
    • Fast in-plane training
    • Adjustable gyro gain

    Precise flight - in any condition!


        Easy to Run: simply connect your current radio system.
        Supports various receiver systems:

    •         Multi protocoll input and output
    •         Latest 32-bit technology
    •         Up to 24 channels, 16 stabilized
    •         Receiver redundancy for 2 inputs
    •         iOS & Android App for fine tuning
    •         Easy teach-in via Tx
    •         No software needed

    Get the PRO version

    Since the first release, CORTEX combines a demonic and a happy-go-lucky flying enjoyment for the ambitioned RC pilot. High-quality, reliable, versatile, universally ready for operation – that’s what this extra class in 3-axis stabilization systems is known for a long time.

    The CORTEXpro opens up the next generation gate with even more demonic features and fun factors. Based on the latest 32-bit CPU technology and in addition to all state-of-the-art features, the brand new CORTEXpro offers a bunch of great news for more comfort in flight and setup. The combination of easy programming and basic setup without software, automatic signal type detection, compatibility with invariably all common analog and digital serial protocols, as well as the dual and redundant serial input and output option, is absolutely unique.

    Let the DEMON take control over your cockpit and test the new CORTEXpro now! More fun, more safety, more comfort – presumably only your breath will backpedal…

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  2. JR AXIS 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro System
    JR AXIS 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro System

    JR - JRPX02560 - AXIS 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro System

    With 20+ years of World Championship winning experience in gyro design for Heli applications, it was only natural that JR would expand their knowledge and experience to the 3-axis aircraft gyro market. JR is proud to annouce a new product that not only meets, but sets the standard in high performance aircraft gyro performance, the AXIS Advanced 3-aXis Intellegence Stabilization Gyro System.

    Weighing in at just 1/3 of an ounce, the AXIS is small enough to install in virtually any aircraft, yet powerful enough to tame the largest or most difficult to fly airplane. Powerful in its capabilities, performance, and flexibility, yet JR Easy to install and setup via your JR DMSS transmitter or included AXIS Assistant PC interface, adding the AXIS to your new or existing model can be accomplished in just minutes.

    The AXIS is designed to provide unmatched stability to even the most aerodynamically challenging model, without sacrificing control authority or the feel of natural flight. Thanks to the AXIS's intelligent stick priority design, aggressive flight maneuvers are still possible with no loss of control authority even at the high stability/gain settings. AXIS pilots can enjoy natural control feel and no loss of performance, while still receiving the maximum stabilization benefits that AXIS has to offer.

    Offering full serial bus compatability, the AXIS can be used with XBus, or S-Bus serial bus systems for simple 1 wire plug and play installation, or can also be connected directly via standard PWM inputs for smaller, simpler model installations. Regardless of what type of airplane you, the AXIS will help you fly like a Pro.

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  3. Demon Aero Double-Sided Foam Stripes
    Demon Aero Double-Sided Foam Stripes

    Demon Aero Double-Sided Foam Stripes

    For mounting and vibration protection.

    8 - 1/4" x 1 3/4" Strips

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  4. PowerBox iGyro 1e
    PowerBox iGyro 1e

    PowerBox Single Axis iGyro 1e, for Fixed Wing Aircraft

    •     Ultra-precise single-axis MEMS sensor
    •     Regulatory algorithm designed specifically for fixed-wing model aircraft
    •     Single axis shared by two servos, each independently variable
    •     Conventional PWM input and output signals
    •     Gain input for in-flight sensitivity adjustment
    •     Heading or Normal mode, switchable in flight
    •     Integral servo-match and reverse function
    •     Gyro Sense x 4 function for large, sluggish models
    •     Variable frame-rate
    •     16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
    •     Additional features can be set up using the USB Interface Adapter
    •     Can be updated using the PowerBox USB Interface Adapter

    As with the iGyro 3e, the impressive feature of the iGyro 1e is just how easy it is to use. The device can be used immediately after it is unpacked: plug in, fix in place, fly. In every respect its performance is as good as the renowned larger iGyro systems, and the little version imparts exactly the same iGyro feeling. The additional integral features are a world’s first in this class.

    Two outputs can be set up independently of each other, both in terms of gyro effect and control function. This means: it is possible to adjust output 2 separately for the gyro’s direction of effect, and the servo’s direction of rotation, end-points and centre. This integral servo-match function can be exploited, for example, to use a single channel to control the rudder and steerable nosewheel, but set different gyro functions for both. Typically the nosewheel might be set up with a Heading function, but the rudder with Normal gyro function only. It is also possible to assign the gyro function to two ailerons without having to forfeit differential travel.

    Another useful feature is the facility to store gyro gain automatically: if you are short of channels, you can set up the iGyro 1e once using a receiver output, then disconnect the gain input at the receiver; the set gain value is now automatically stored. The receiver output previously used is now available again for other functions.

    The package is rounded off by two additional functions: frame-rate adjustment and Gyro-Sense x 4, which is designed for large, sluggish models.

    All the components employed in the iGyro 1e satisfy the same high quality standards as the large iGyro systems, and the device is 100% “Made in Germany”. Although the iGyro 1e is an obvious choice for small models, its quality means that it also guarantees the highest standards of precision and security in valuable High-End models.

    The iGyro 1e can be installed in any model where there is only a need to stabilise one axis, whether the model is a glider, a jet or a power model. The iGyro 1e’s micro size even allows it to be squeezed into any F3B and F5J glider, and even in an RC model car, which will then maintain its exact heading with great reliability!

    •     Operating voltage: 4.0V - 9.0V
    •     Current drain Power-on state: 20mA
    •     Maximum load current: 10A
    •     Signal input: PWM
    •     Servo sockets: 2
    •     Servo signal resolution: 0,5µs
    •     Gyro regulation: Heading- and Normalmode
    •     Gyro sensor type: MEMS
    •     Number of sensor axes: 1
    •     Dimensions: 33 x 10 x 5.5 mm
    •     Weight: 7.5g, incl. wires
    •     Temperature range: -30°C to +75°C
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  5. Powerbox iGyro SRS minus USB and GPS
    Powerbox iGyro SRS minus USB and GPS

    PowerBox is delighted to present their latest innovation - the PowerBox iGyro.

    This includes the iGyro and Sensor Switch only. (does not include USB Adapter or GPS Module).

    Product description:

    The PowerBox iGyro™ SRS is a completely new type of gyro system intended for fixed-wing model aircraft. At the development stage our constant aim was to com-bine maximum versatility with simplicity of operation. The system incorporates a regulatory algorithm specifically developed for fixed-wing models, which causes hardly any alteration in the model’s familiar flying characteristics; at the same time the aeroplane flies much more smoothly and accurately, and is less sensitive to unwanted weather-induced or aerodynamic influences. The need for mixers, such as elevator to rudder or flaps, is eliminated entirely. The iGyro™ exploits the latest servo bus technology to minimise the extremely complex wiring arrangements necessitated by previous gyro systems.

    The ability to assign any channel to the gain adjusters makes it possible to set up the desired gyro effect accurately in just one short flight. Independent adjustment of each of the five outputs is possible, enabling the modeller to set up gyro gain and direction of effect precisely. The separate GPS sensor provides a means of obtaining a constant gyro effect over the model’s full speed range, effectively eliminating the problem of  over-compensation leading to oscillation in high-speed flight. In version 16 and later the software include a menu-based setup assistant which makes it possible to complete all the settings in just a few minutes.


            Extremely accurate triple-axis MEMS sensor
            Special regulatory algorithm designed for fixed-wing model aircraft
            Menu-based setup assistant
            Three-stage flight phase switching
            Three axes distributed to five servos, each adjustable independently
            GPS-regulated gyro gain
            Integral delta mixer
            Can be installed in any attitude
            Graphic OLED screen with 128 x 64 pixels
            Ultra-simple menu-controlled programming method using the SensorSwitch
            SRS technology for use with various bus systems:
            Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum SRXL, DSM2/DSMX, JR DMSS, HoTT, M-Link and Jeti
            Unrestricted channel assignment (channel mapping)
            Digital output can be passed on to an SRS PowerBox system
            16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing
            Settings can be stored on a PC and reloaded at any time
            Updateable with PowerBox Systems USB Interface connectors
            Robust aluminium case

    Technical Data:

        Operating voltage  4.0V - 9.0V
        Current drain Power-on state  51mA
        Current drain, GPS  60mA
        Maximum load current  10A
        Signal input  serial
        Supported RC systems  Futaba, Spektrum, JR, Jeti, Graupner, Multiplex
        Receiver redundancy  SRS
        Servo sockets  5
        Servo signal resolution  0,5µs
        Gyro regulation  Heading- and Normalmode
        Gyro sensor type  MEMS
        Number of sensor axes  3
        Screen  OLED 128 x 64 pixels, graphic
        Dimensions  52 x 35 x 14 mm
        Weight  50g, incl. GPS Sensor
        Temperature range  -30°C to +75°C

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  6. 11.0-Gram G110 Micro Heading Lock Gyro
    11.0-Gram G110 Micro Heading Lock Gyro


        Heading Lock or Standard Rate modes
        User-selectable modes that optimize performance for analog or digital servos
        On-gyro single gain setting adjustment capability
        Optional dual remote gain setting and mode adjustment capability
        Built-in drift cancellation and temperature compensation circuitry
        Llightweight—only 11.0 g (.39 oz), including leads and connectors
        Micro size—just 16 x 25 x 25mm (0.6 x 1.0 x 1.0 in)


    At just 11.0 grams, the full-featured G110 Micro Heading Lock Gyro gives micro and mini helicopter pilots all the benefits of locked-in tail control plus the ability to optimize its performance for use with digital or analog servos.


    • Type: Micro
    • Sensor Type: Piezoelectric Ceramic
    • Weight: 0.39 oz (11.0g)
    • Length: 1.0 in (25mm)
    • Width: 0.6 in (16mm)
    • Height: 1.0 in (25mm)
    • Gain Type: Single setting on-gyro or dual setting remote from transmitter
    • Operating Voltage: 4.2–8.0V
    • Reversing Switch: Yes
    • High/Low Frame Rate Select: Yes - Standard/Analog Servo and Digital Servo Support
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  7. Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer
    Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer

    Master your Skies!

    Based on Eagle Tree's proven inertial stabilization technology, the Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer is a must-have product for your model. The Guardian smoothes out air turbulence, but does much more. Unlike cheap “gyro stabilizers," it provides true wing leveling capability to help recover from lost orientation!

    Whether you fly gas or electric models, wings, foamies, sailplanes, or just about any other fixed wing model, the Guardian is for you! Is it moderately gusty or windy? The Guardian helps compensate for non-ideal flying conditions. The Guardian helps your plane fly like it's a perfectly calm day!

    To stabilize your model, just mount the Guardian in a level orientation (it can even be mounted upside down), connect it to your servos and receiver with the included cable, tune it to your plane with a small screwdriver, and set optional features with your radio sticks. No computer or additional equipment is required for stabilization.

    While in flight, a spare switch on your radio lets you switch between 2D (wing leveling) mode, 3D aerobatic mode, and no stabilization. Imagine performing a difficult 3D maneuver with ease, then just flipping a switch to instantly return to level flight!

    · Input Voltage Range: 4.5v to 16v
    · Current Draw: Approximately 31mA
    · Dimensions: 41mm x 22mm x 11mm (1.62 inches x 0.86 inches x 0.42 inches)
    · Mass: 11 grams (0.4 ounces) including harness
    · Maximum Servo Current through Guardian: 5 Amps


    Note:  You can use this product by itself-- no other Eagle Tree or FPV gear is required!

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  8. PowerBox iGyro 3e
    PowerBox iGyro 3e

    The iGyro 3e is the little brother of the iGyro SRS, and offers an excellent performance. The control characteristics are identical to those of the iGyro SRS, and naturally the unit’s quality also reflects the very highest PowerBox standard!
    The iGyro 3e operates with normal PWM signals at the input and output, making it a straightforward task to install and set up the gyro in existing models. The iGyro 3e is simply looped in between the receiver and servos, and its gain can be adjusted in flight if one auxiliary channel is assigned to it. The net result is that it takes just a few minutes to install and set up the iGyro 3e.

    The gain adjuster is divided into two ranges, enabling the pilot to pre-define different flight modes with the transmitter. As standard the iGyro 3e can be operated in Heading or Damping mode. Heading mode has been specially developed for fixed-wing model aircraft, and provides natural handling in the air. As you would expect, Heading mode can be left active for take-off and landing! It is supremely easy to adjust the ranges of the gain adjuster using a laptop or PC, as the Heading option and the strength of the gyro effect are fully variable, separately for each output.

    Naturally the unit also features an integral delta and V-tail mixer, and any orientation in the model is possible.


    •     Extremely accurate triple-axis MEMS sensor
    •     Special regulatory algorithm designed for fixed-wing model aircraft
    •     Three axes distributed to five servos, each adjustable independently
    •     Input and output with PWM Signals
    •     Input for in-flight gain adjustment
    •     Heading or Normal mode can be selected in flight
    •     Integral delta mixer
    •     Installed orientation can be selected
    •     16-bit processor for fast, high-resolution signal processing

    Technical Data:

    • Operating voltage  4.0V - 9.0V
    • Current drain Power-on state  40mA
    • Maximum load current  20A
    • Signal input  PWM
    • Servo sockets  5
    • Servo signal resolution  0,5µs
    • Gyro regulation  Heading- and Normalmode
    • Gyro sensor type  MEMS

    Note: USB Adapter sold separately (PBX-9020).

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