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Pro-Brake Conversion Kit 76-83mm

Brake Conversion Kit. .

Dreamworks Pro-Brakes are designed to integrate with Intairco split rim model wheels. This DW-EBR76 model adapts the Intairco 76mm (3") thru 83mm (3.25") wheel sets to a fully proportional electro-mechanical brake system. Eliminating the need for air tanks, tubing, valves and gauges, our Pro-Brake system requires only one wire lead per wheel. Since the Pro-Brake system uses magnetic field to create braking force, brake application is matched at each wheel. No longer do you have to deal with wheel pull or flat spotting!

Combined with our "PRO" version gear control module, our Pro-Brakes offer completely Proportional and adjustable maximum brake force, Continuous operation or pulsed mode for "ABS" effect with 10 levels of pulse ratio and a max brake limiter.

Installation is a breeze, less than five minutes per wheel! Combine these with our Pro-Drive electric retract systems and eliminate air completely.

Basic or PRO System Control Module required but not included with the Pro-Brake kit. (can be purchased separately or with our Pro-Drive retract sets)


  • 2 Pro-Drive Electro-Magnetic Brake Hubs
  • 2 Pro-Drive Brake Disc
  • 6 8mm T9 Screws
  • 2 Spacer Washer
  • 2 20" Brake Leads
  • Installation Manual

Designed to fit Intairco Split Rim Wheels!

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