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DIGITECH CTU Central Telemetry unit

DIGITECH CTU Central Telemetry unit.

 DIGITECH CTU Central Telemetry unit

Check to see if adapter is required.

1 x CAN bus (for CAN bus based sensors read more below)
2 x Engine inputs (Jetcat-Projet input / Serial input Kingtech fadec AMT etc etc)
2 x Extra EX / sensor ports to add more Jeti sensors OR you can set one as a servo output or smokepump or extra valves.
1 x USB port For upgrades
1 x SD card slot for Logging realtime your tubine and other stuff you want to log realtime.
1 x 3D G-sensor on board (up to 24G)
1 x Altimeter sensor on board (with tube connection to static port).

Will have like the old TTU:

Fuel consumption
Reset fuel counter
Full LUA app to show and voice speech for status messages comming from engine ECU.
Full array of engine parameters can be shown on your DS24/DC24, but most will probably use the LUA application.

CAN bus
this will open a complete new line of possibilities, stay tuned 

Contains : CTU / Servo Patch cable / Static port M3 nipple.

CHECK if you need a adaptor.

#DIG-ADJC (Jetcentral LIN Adapter)

#DIG-ADRJ45 (RJ45 LIN Adapter)

#DIG-ADV6 (JetCat V6 LIN Adapter)

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