Mechanical and Electroinic Pneumatic Sequencers

Please Note: Please do not use BVM Thin Lube in the Ultra Precision range of Sequencing Units, this lubricant has negative effects on the performance of these valves.


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  1. Xicoy Air Sequencer with Failsafe
    Xicoy Air Sequencer with Failsafe

    Sequencer - Pressure monitor - Pressure failsafe - Pressure telemetry.


    •     Pressure sensor up to 10Bar.
    •     Telemetry output for the pressure reading compatible with JETI, Futaba. JRPropo and Multiplex.
    •     Futaba SBUS compatible, saves one RX channel.
    •     5 Outputs for the sequencer, compatible with air valves or servos
    •     The sequencer have 5 steps, all 5 outputs are definible in each step. The time of each step can be adjusted in 0,1s intervals.
    •     Endpoints for the 5 outputs adjustable independently
    •     Pressure indication by two LED (4 ranges) or trough telemetry /Xicoy Data terminal. 0.1Bar resolution.
    •     Settings can be saved and programmed by a computer and Xicoy USB lead.
    •     Programmation by the Xicoy Data terminal. JM-SDAT or JM-SBUSGSU (Not Included)
    •     CNC aluminium Machined box
    •     Weighs only 20 Grams!!

    See attached PDF for Manual

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  2. JetCentral Dual Sequencer
    JetCentral Dual Sequencer

    JetCentral Dual Sequencer


    •     4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German)
    •     4 pressure units (bar, kg/cm2, KPas, psi)
    •     Independent Gear and Canopy sequencer
    •     Servo canopy speed programmable
    •     Mode gear programmable
    •     Delay between doors opening
    •     Main door selectable (COMP1 or COMP2)
    •     Wrong position start up fail-safe
    •     Programmable pressure and voltage gear fail safe
    •     2 input channels (gear & canopy)
    •     5 servos outputs (gear, door 1, door 2, canopy, lock canopy)
    •     8 timers (5 for gear and 3 for canopy)
    •     Automatic back light shutdown
    •     Programmable (ATV) and servo reverse in all output channels
    •     Automatic alarm visualization
    •     Servos positioning visualization
    •     Pressure and voltage visualization
    •     Easy programming with LCD screen and four push buttons
    •     (+, -, OK, ESC)
    •     Aluminium case with fixing holes
    •     Low consumption
    •     Width range voltage (5.5 v a 9.9 v)

    ISO9000 International Standard of Quality Company making a quality product.

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  3. JMP Pneumatic Control Unit
    JMP Pneumatic Control Unit

     The JMP Pneumatic Control Unit is designed to control the brakes, retract gear cylinders and landing gear door cylinders of the most complex r/c model aircraft. The goal of the PCU is to eliminate the complexity and disorganized nature of model pneumatic systems. Most installations have many t-fittings which cause unavoidable pressure drops across the entire system. This is eliminated with the PCU. Also included with the PCU are individual servo linkages and quality 1” readable pressure gauges for each of the three air circuits. The overall size of the completed PCU is 5.5” in length and 3.5” in width. From the top face of the gauges to the bottom edge of the brake servo it is 2.0” tall. 

    Either standard 1/8” OD or 4mm fittings can be ordered. Large models with increasing air cylinder diameters often now use 4mm size air lines. When ordering, select below the number of retract gear cylinders and gear door cylinders and the proper fittings will be installed. Additional unused ports on the PCU lower side manifold are plugged, but can be changed later for some other model with different cylinder counts. Many combinations of fittings and control possibilities can be imagined.

    The PCU can use three individual air supplies which will divide the retract gear, gear doors and main wheel brakes into separate air circuits. A manifold air fitting point for the JMP Failsafe Sequencer is also provided. This Sequencer senses a low air supply in the retract gear air circuit and shifts the retract gear and gear doors to the down position. Robust servos control the High Flow 2-Way Valves and proportional Brake Control Valve.  Precision 1-Way Fill Valves are mounted to the PCU and feature a very neat and quick Tapered Filling Adapter. Also available is a more standard 1-Way Valve with a screw in fill fitting.

     The “Old School” nature of the PCU makes it easy to use and deals directly with air line and plumbing challenges found in easy to complex models. To maximize performance and simplify installation, JMP builds each PCU to order based on your system requirements. Please make the appropriate selections from the options below, your PCU will be built to your specs and drop shipped directly from JMP.

    International Customers Please Note:
    Since the JMP PCU is a build-to-order item, adding a PCU to your order will cause the entire order to be held until we recieve delivery of your custom PCU from JMP. Please allow 5 to 10 days delay for order dispatch. 



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  4. Airpower EV5U Replacement Wire Harness - Y Harness
    Airpower EV5U Replacement Wire Harness - Y Harness

    Replacement Y Harness from Airpower

    Replaces harness on the following units:

    • EV5U-PRO
    • EV5U-EVO
    • EV-SD-SQ-PRO


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  5. JMP Electronic Gear Door Sequencer
    JMP Electronic Gear Door Sequencer

    The JMP Gear/Door Sequencer has four timed control options available. These options are illustrated below. The servo that activates the door control valve is plugged into the top position with the black or brown negative wire to the inside. The servo that activates the retract gear control valve is plugged into the lower position with the black or brown negative wire to the inside.

    Servo throw travel volume is preset to match most available control valves. The green LED on the top of the case indicates that the sequencer is active.

    Contained in the sequencer computer code is a Gear Up Fail Safe. If the model receiver is turned on with the transmitter retract gear switch in the up position, both gear and door control servos will hold in the down position. Gear and door control servos will become active when the transmitter retract gear switch is returned to the down position. This fail safe feature will prevent accidental retraction of the gear on the ground. An easy way to understand this function is that the sequencer must see a down switch before it can respond to an up switch.


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  6. Jettronic Flexible Gear Door Sequencer
    Jettronic Flexible Gear Door Sequencer

    Plugs directly into your receiver and operates up to 3 separate door servos / valves and retract servo / valve.
    Almost any combination of operation and delay can be programmed in.
    It even remembers the last position your transmitter was in. This prevents turning on the plane and having the gear retract because your transmitter switch was in the wrong position.

    Operates from 4 to 7 volts, 10ma.

    • Door and gear outputs adjustable over the entire travel range
    • Door open delays adjustable up to 3 seconds
    • Door close delay adjustable up to 13 seconds
    • Mode 1
      a - Doors open, gear down, doors close
      b - Doors open, gear up, doors close
    • Mode 2
      a - Doors open, gear down, doors stay open
      b - Gear up, doors close
    • Mode 3
      a - Doors open, gear down, 2 doors close 1 door stays open
      b - 2 doors open, gear up, 3 doors close
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  7. RCBEE Sequencer
    RCBEE Sequencer

    Economical sequencing unit from RCBEE performs all the sequencing modes you will need in a small, relaible, easy to program module.


    • Applicable to all jet model planes and prop. scale model planes.
    • Can control landing gear and two sets of gear doors with only one channel.
    • After landing gear is lowered, Door1 closes. e.g. Mirage needs the same function.
    • After landing gear is lowered, just need to connect two servos for the plane that needn't close gear doors.
    • Can set up the time between each step.
    • Can set up the angle of each servo.
    • Can reverse servo rotating direction.
    • It beeps to indicate setting up.


    • Operating Voltage : 3.5~6.5V
    • Self Operating Current : 20mA
    • Weight : 0.64 oz
    • Size : 1.875 x 1.125 x 0.625 in (28 x 48 x 12 mm)
    • Line length : 30cm
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  8. Ultra Precision UP4 Secondary Valve
    Ultra Precision UP4 Secondary Valve

    For use with the Ultra Precision UP2 valve to provide control of secondary doors which need to stay open when gear are down even though the main doors are shut, such as the F-15, P-51 Mustang ect...

    Requires no mechanical link, air line controlled via the UP2.

    Size 1.94 x .8 x .62"

    Weight 1.52 oz

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  9. Ultra Precision UP3 Valve
    Ultra Precision UP3 Valve

    Retract Valve with Auto Door Control. Doors Remain Open when Gear is Down. Made for air up & air down driven retracts and air cylinder actuated gear doors. Single air inlet (30 to 200 psi). Two up & two down nipples for the retracts. Two open & two close nipples for the doors. Dual speed control for retracts (3-10 secs). Dual speed control for doors (0.5 to 3 secs). Standard servo actuation (0.3" throw).

    Size: 1.94" x 1.25" x .62"

    Weight: 2.4 oz.

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