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  1. Dreamworks Perfect Field Compressor
    Dreamworks Perfect Field Compressor

    Dreamworks Perfect Field Compressor

    Product Description:

    The Perfect field compressor by Fineed! It comes with an internal battery for use on the go and it has a AC charger and DC aux power / charging cord for field charging. This small, lightweight pump includes a digital pressure display and has a programmable auto shut-off feature; set shutoff setting to desired tank pressure and pump will stop when programmed pressure setting is reached.  

    ●Flow: 12LPM
    ●Charging time:1.5h
    ●Pressure gauge:140PSI
    ●Battery capacity:500mAh×4

    ●Switch between different units of measure.(PSI,BAR,KPA and KG/㎡)
    ●Operation temperature:-20~60℃
    ●Weight:1 pounds

    Fast Charging, Easy to Store!

    Digital Display

    ●1×Air Hose,1×Adapter,1×Cigar Lighter,1×Needle,1×Hand Bag
    ●1×User Manual

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  2. Industrial Ear Muffs
    Industrial Ear Muffs

    Protect your hearing with industrial quality ear muffs. Reduce loud factory noise to the level of a normal conversation. These ear protectors fit completely over the ear with large, comfortable ear cups. Get ANSI-certified protection with these industrial ear muffs.

    •     Reduce loud factory noise to the level of a normal conversation
    •     Large high-impact ear cups
    •     Soft PVC ear cushions
    •     Universal headband adjusts to fit most sizes
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  3. LiPo Charge Protection Bag, Small
    LiPo Charge Protection Bag, Small


        Offers extra protection for you, your equipment and your charging location
        Explosion and flame resistant
        Hook and Loop flap will release pressure in the event of an explosion


    Dynamite's Li-Po charge protection bags provide peace of mind knowing that you, your equipment, and your batteries are protected in case of an accidental explosion or fire.  Dynamite makes it easy and affordable to protect all of your investments and provides additional flexibility with protection bags available in small and large sizes.


    • Length: 8.5 in
    • Width: 7 in
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  4. FROMECO TNC Tachometer
    FROMECO TNC Tachometer

    In the mid-70's, an engineer named Tony Criscimagna invented a tachometer which still stands as one of the best in existence. Soon after, Tony started a business and sold thousands of these excellent tachometers under the tradename "TNC" (his initials).

    Skyborn Electronics (Powerflite) acquired the TNC from Tony around 2003, and continued to build the original design. Faced with the obsolescence of some critical components, Skyborn started to work on updating the design, but never completed this process.

    July 205:
    FROMECO Scale Avionics was presented with the welcome opportunity to acquire the TNC tachometer! We are exceptionally pleased to be able to reintroduce this outstanding product to the RC modeller community.

    What we Changed

    Processing:  The FROMECO TNC's "brain" has been totally revised, incorporating current microprocessor technology for 0.05% accuracy and improved functionality.

    Durability:  FROMECO has re-engineered the tachometer's packaging.  The FROMECO TNC fully protects the sensor element, has an integrated battery compartment, and is more resistant to damage.

    ON/OFF control:  The FROMECO TNC uses slider switch to turn the tachometer.

    High RPM hold:  The revised tach displays both the current RPM and the highest RPM attained.  There are 5 significant digits for each measurement, for easy reading.

    Upgraded components:  The new TNC uses an upgraded sensor element, easily capable of obtaining RPM measurements at 6 feet under most lighting conditions.  The components have been upgraded to surface mount technology, for reduced size and better durability.

    Cost:  We are able to offer the new FROMECO TNC for only $95. (instead of the former price of $120.00)

    What we didn't Change

    Range:  The new TNC uses the same optical front end (the part that detects the propeller blades) as the original, with only minor revision for modernization of the parts.  A well-proven design!

    Performance:  The readings are just as solid as one could expect from a TNC, even though the processing method is different.  The range is still excellent.  The accuracy is still outstanding.  We continually compared the revised design with about a half-dozen of the originals, to make sure the new one meets or exceeds the standard set by the original TNC tachometer.

    "The Name":  Thanks, Tony, for a great tachometer!  Also thanks to Skyborn Electronics, for allowing us to bring this tool back to the RC community!

     Tach Specifications:

    •   Blade Count 2-3 by setting, 4 blade props use 2 blade setting divide by 2 ~ 6 blade turbines use 3 blade divide by 2.
    •   Power 9 Volt
    •   Range Up to 8 feet read instructions for possible limitations
    •   RPM Maximum accuracy achieved at RPM lower than 10K 0.05%
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  5. E-flite Power Meter
    E-flite Power Meter

    E-flite's new digital in-line Power Meter is a must-have for pilots looking to maximize performance for electric airplanes.


        Current Display Range: 100mA–120A
        Voltage Display Range: 4V–50V
        Power Display: 6000W
        Current Resolution: .1A
        Voltage Resolution: .1V
        Power Resolution: 0.1W
        Capacity: Up to 9999mAh
        LCD screen with digital readout


    The E-flite® Power Meter is designed for in-line monitoring for Volts, Amps, Watts, and Capacity, based on the MODE you select to display on the digital LCD screen. Designed for pilots who fly any electric airplanes and desire to accurately set up their airplanes for maximum performance. The Power Meter comes with EC3 connectors installed on the meter's leads.

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  6. Military Jet Laser Cut Wood Model F-14
    Military Jet Laser Cut Wood Model F-14

    These brilliant wood models are constructed from laser cut MDF and are super easy to assemble. They feature a high level of detail making them great to put on your display shelf, work bench or desk at the office! All of the parts utilize interlocking tabs to simply snap together.


    • Model: Military Jet Airplane F-14
    • Length: 150mm
    • Width: 140mm
    • Height: 80mm (with stand)
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  7. Carryng Case for the 350QX and Support Equipment
    Carryng Case for the 350QX and Support Equipment


    •     Sturdy foam insert provides protection for everything you need to fly your 350 QX and more
    •     Accommodates the 350 QX with long landing gear
    •     Accommodates the GB200 gimbal
    •     Holds up to 6 flight batteries
    •     Holds various tools and accessories
    •     Holds charging or camera equipment
    •     Fits DX5e up to DX18
    •     Locking design with keys
    •     Brushed aluminum with bright graphics

    Keep your favorite quadcopter safe with this brushed aluminum case from Blade. Its locking design and ability to hold everything you could possibly need with your 350 QX make it the perfect all-in-one solution to carry, store and secure your investment!

    This case was designed to fit the 350 QX and the 350 QX2 AP combo with gimbal and tall landing gear installed. No modifications necessary!


    • Length: 19.5 in (495mm)
    • Width: 20.5 in (521mm)
    • Height: 11.5 in (292mm)
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  8. Adjustable Foam Wheel Chocks
    Adjustable Foam Wheel Chocks

    Adjustable Light Weight Foam Wheel Chocks.

    4" X 4" X 1"


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  9. Marcy Jones Marvelous Wheel Chocks, Red
    Marcy Jones Marvelous Wheel Chocks, Red

    Marcy Jones invented these wheel chocks in 2003 and has been testing and perfecting them ever since. Depending on wheel size and gear angle, the chocks can fit either inside or outside of the tires and will accomodate most axle sizes. Aside from looking super cool, these wheel chocks have lots of other great benefits too:

    • Maximize security and safety during plane transport
    • Conserve space in trailers, trucks, vans or storage areas
    • Eliminates the risk of getting flat spots on tires
    • Prevents rolling during hardware or radio installations
    • Use in any type of airplane, tail dragger or tricycle
    • For up to 5" Tires (slight modification may be needed for larger size tires and some styles of wheel pants)
    • Made of high strength anodized aluminum for a lifetime of use
    • Mounting screws and instructions included


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